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Friday, August 04, 2006

Black Creampie Story

I wasted none of it scooping it up from their legs with my fingers. He thrust on for about 5 minutes then decided he
wouldn't be able to come again so quick, and said "black creampie... go fuck her now". I rolled her over and lifting her legs around my neck, quickly pushed into her. Suddenly i felt him come behind me and roughly part by bum cheeks. He stuck his finger up my arse and that was it...I came like a rocket. The next morning I awoke with a hard on and decided to review the nights proceedings in my head whilst having a wank. As I was doing so, the phone was black creampie. She asked if i had enjoyed myself and hoped that it wouldn't affect our releationship. I replied that it wouldn't as far as I was concerned, and my only worry was when we
could do it again. She said that they had screwed like rabbits when they got home and she had made J have a huge black creampie by telling him that next time we got together she was going to make him fuck my arse. That did for me again (I was still holding my cock at the time) and I shot a load onto the sheets. This all happened a couple of weeks ago during the half term holiday. I can't wait for New Year when she goes up north again!
Last weekend was amazing for both Ginger and myself. Friday night was our last with Baron, because he has finally found the lady of his dreams and needs to devote himself to developing that relationship. However, not before indulging in a hot three-way Friday evening that quickly ended up with Baron pounding Ginger with black creampie from behind, with me underneath, alternating between sucking on her clit and licking his balls. When he came, he buried four days worth (he had been saving himself for this occasion...always a thoughtful guy!) of black creampie inside her pussy. When he pulled out, pausing momentarily to let me clean some excess cream off his dickhead, none of us expected to see his load make an early appearance, but astonishingly, there it was: a very large-the largest ever!- blob of his seed, resting comfortably and beautifully in the vestibule of her gorgeous gash.